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Have you heard “You should try acupuncture for that.”?
Do you have body pain that is affecting your quality of life?
Do you feel like the Western medicine model is no longer serving you?
Does it feel like the medicines you are on are not fixing the underlying problems you have? And they may be compounding the problems?
Do you feel like you are being dragged through life, surviving rather than thriving?
Do you awaken at the same time every night or early morning, too early to actually be awake?
Have you lost your get-up-and-go? Your Chutzpah? Your mojo, perhaps libido even?

Well, you have found hope.

My background is Western orthopedic treatment, so with my work in both Eastern and Western medicine, you get the best of both worlds. I can see structural as well as energetic models of treatment.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. And just click on the button below to make your first appointment.

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Christa Caputa Acupuncture
Christa Caputa Acupuncture
Christa Caputa Acupuncture

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