What to expect on your first visit

Your appointment will take one hour. The initial interview is part of your first treatment. Filling out the  New Patient Form ahead of time helps it go more smoothly but it is not required.

The questions in the initial interview are not just about your current problem. We want to know about your digestion, daily habits, sleep patterns, reproductive functions, and so on. We ask questions to get a picture of you as a whole and to uncover the locations of imbalances.

What should I wear?

Men and Women, wear loose fitting clothing on the bottom, ex. sweats, yoga pants, stretchy shorts. Please no jeans. I will need access to feet, lower legs, entire knees, and low back. On the top we will need access to your entire torso so men, I will have you take your shirts off, and women please wear a regular bra not a sports bra and I will always keep you draped (covered) and modest for your treatments. And you only undress to your level of comfort. Children are always treated with a parent in the room and are not undressed.

For your first appointment, please come early for paperwork or your treatment time will be affected.

Tongue, pulse, and palpation

The next thing we emphasize is the physical examination (tongue, pulse, and palpation). You will be asked to stick out your tongue so we can examine the state of your tongue. The tongue reflects what is going on inside the body’s major systems. Each part of the tongue corresponds to an individual organ system. We observe the color, indentations, coating and shape to get an idea of what might be happening in each organ system. The coating gives us very important information about your systems and is a great measurement of improvement as we continue treatments.

When checking your pulse, we are feeling the different qualities of the pulse. With pulse taking, an acupuncturist uses three fingers on the radial artery. Each finger position represents a different organ system. We examine the quality of the pulse related to each position, as well as the overall pulse.

Palpation of the body is also used to pinpoint problem areas and underlying imbalances in the organ systems. When we palpate points on your arms or legs, we may also be looking for points that are energetically reactive, or more pronounced to you.

For more information on what to wear and what to expect from the treatment, please visit the individual services pages.

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