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Gua Sha, Needling, Electrostimulation

Gua Sha, meaning “scraping sha-bruises“, is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light bruising. Practitioners believe gua sha releases unhealthy elements from injured areas and stimulates blood flow and healing. Gua sha is sometimes referred to as “spooning” or “coining.” 

Needling is the use of either solid filiform needles (also referred to as acupuncture needles) or hollow-core hypodermic needles for therapy of muscle pain, including pain related to myofascial pain syndrome.

Electrostimulation has been found to have a stabilizing effect on muscle tissue. Nowadays, it is used as an effective way to treat muscle atrophy in cases where muscle has been affected by a neurological problem for example a hemiplegia or injury.

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Recommended for …

Gua Sha: Fatigue  ♦ Increased Blood Flow and Healing 

Needling: General Pain ♦ Back Pain ♦ Headaches ♦ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ♦ Lateral Epicondylitis ♦ Plantar Fasciitis

Electrostimulation: General Pain ♦ Muscle Atrophy  ♦ Promote Healing

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