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Chinese herbal medicine is another powerful facet of Oriental Medicine. Herbs we use are comprised of plant parts including leaves, flowers, stems, roots, fruits, and barks, and some are from minerals. Each herb has unique healing properties, tastes, and actions. Formulas are a combination of four to twenty different herbs with a specific dosage or ratio of each herb. There are more than four hundred herbs we commonly use. Prescriptions of herbs target the root cause of disease as well as symptoms. Patients get the best results from their treatments when herbs are combined with the other modalities used in Chinese Medicine.

Scientists continue to demonstrate that herb materials contain active components that explain many of their claimed actions. The constituents of today’s pharmaceutical drugs were all derived from herbs.

According to Chinese clinical studies, herbs can greatly increase the effectiveness of modern drug treatment, reduce their side-effects, and sometimes replace them completely.

Compared to many Western pharmaceutical drugs, Chinese herbs are inexpensive and safe to use with few, if any, side effects.

All of the Chinese herbs we carry are carefully selected from trusted manufactures where the products are tested and cleared by a third party for heavy metals, microbial contaminants, and pesticides.