Chinese healing and wellness for foot pain
Chinese healing and wellness for back pain
Chinese medicine and wellness for knee pain
Chinese wellness and healing for joint pain

What should I wear?

Men and Women, wear loose fitting clothing on the bottom, ex. sweats, yoga pants, stretchy shorts. Please no jeans. I will need access to feet, lower legs, entire knees, and low back. On the top we will need access to your entire torso so men, I will have you take your shirts off, and women please wear a regular bra not a sports bra and I will always keep you draped (covered) and modest for your treatments. And you only undress to your level of comfort. Children are always treated with a parent in the room and are not undressed.

For your first appointment, please come early for paperwork or your treatment time will be affected.

Services/Which appointment should I choose when I schedule?

  1. If it is your first appointment with me, you will need to choose:
    • “Initial Intake 90 minutes”
  2. For all follow-up appointments you need to schedule:
    • “Follow-up adult acupuncture 60 minutes”

If we are working on your child

  1. The initial appointment is always:
    • “Child Initial Intake 60 minutes”
  2. And Follow-up appointments for children, please choose:
    • “Child Follow-up 45 minutes”

What will happen when you treat me?

When you come in for follow-up sessions, I will do a quick intake to check in with our progress and any changes that are occurring. I will usually do tongue and pulse diagnosis and then get you comfortably on the table for treatment. I will place the appropriate acupuncture needles, do appropriate adjunct techniques and then leave you alone to rest and allow the needles and your body to do their work. You usually rest for 20-30 minutes and when I return, I remove your needles and finish with any other appropriate adjunct modalities and off you go.

Chinese Medicine uses Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture, and Herbs. We also use adjunct modalities to increase the effectiveness of our treatments: Cupping, Gua Sha, Shiatsu, Tui Na, and Moxibustion. Each modality within Chinese Medicine treatment is more or less appropriate for a specific condition. Based on your intake, I will decide which modalities will be the most effective and efficient to get you feeling better.

To get more information on each modality, click the links.

Here is an example:

If you come in for Low Back Pain, in general, during your session, I would use Acupuncture, Cupping, Shiatsu, and a deep heat lamp. In addition, I will prescribe an herbal remedy that you might take to tonify what is deficient in your body, reduce something that is in excess in your body for example, swelling (edema), or clear a blockage in the flow of Qi and Blood. Taking herbs twice a day between acupuncture treatments is like getting two acupuncture treatments each day. The in person treatments are the most powerful but herbs are a huge part of my practice. They are not pharmaceuticals. They are food grade herbs. Chinese Herbs are very affordable compared to supplements or Western drugs.